About Earnies-World.com

Earnie here.
There's really not much to say here. I wanted the opportunity to be heard so, here I am. Killing it. lol.
I've been looking for ways to make some money online and everything I was reading took me around in circles.
I decided enough was enough! I would start writing about some things. One of the things was affiliate marketing and another was writing.

What two better subjects to write about. I thought about an e-zine so I was looking at that possiblity, but all the e-zines also just took me around in circles.
It's really amazing just how connected things on the web are connected.
I think that is why some people make allot of money online.
Think about it.
If you have the majority of sites that all point to one thing. most people will buy from one of those sites. Pretty Smart. huh?

OK! Enough of me just rambling on. I hope you like my site. I'll do my best to make it a bit interesting and take you on a fun trip.
Thank you for visiting Earnies World.